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Good Doggie!

Good Doggie! is a high-quality supplement dedicated to our beloved pets. Its safe composition has a positive effect on the healthy joints of dogs and the beautiful appearance of their coat. Regardless of how dogs are fed, their age or everyday activity - it's always worth taking care of their health!

It is said that a dog is a man's best friend. It's hard to disagree with that. They are faithful, devoted and love their owners with all their canine heart. Keeping our dogs healthy is the best form of gratitude that we can give them.


A properly balanced diet should provide dogs with the right amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. But it is extremely important that their meals are also rich in micronutrients, macronutrients and vitamins. Unfortunately, many ready-made foods, which dog owners most often use, do not provide the optimal values that are necessary for the proper functioning of a dog's body. It is also very difficult, even when the owners prepare the meals for their dogs on their own.

The deficiencies of the essential ingredients cause:
  • joint problems
  • poor condition of the skin and coat
  • weakening of metabolic processes
  • deterioration of vision
  • shortened life expectancy

Take care of your dog's health

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Recent studies have shown that dogs' life expectancy has increased by 3 years over the past 15 years. This is due to the greater awareness of the owners and their approach to pets. Nowadays, people care more about animals, which are more and more often treated as family members, rather than creatures guarding the household. Well-groomed dogs, whose owners are aware of the importance of supporting the health of their pets, have a chance to live to old age without major health problems.

Good Doggie! is the perfect solution to maintain your dog's health at the highest level. At the same time, the product's active ingredients strengthen and improve the appearance of their coat, making dogs look even more beautiful.

The INGREDIENTS of Good Doggie!

Glucosamine and chondroitin

Glucosamine and chondroitin are 2 substances that are found in the synovial fluid and cartilage. They are used to support their condition. It is important for our pets to have strong and healthy joints. Thanks to them, walks, runs and jumps will not be a problem for a dog.


Collagen is another important substance for cartilage, but also for bones and hair. Collagen is their building block.


MSM or dimethyl sulfone is a sulfur compound known for its wide range of applications, e.g. it is good for a dog's coat. Sulfur deficiency can lead to problems with fur such as excessive shedding, lack of glossy coat, and joint problems.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C supports the proper production of collagen that is essential for the good functioning of cartilages.


Copper deficiency can cause coat discolouration, lose its gloss and become rough. What is more, copper helps maintain the proper condition of connective tissues.


Biotin is a vitamin that is also important for fur. Biotin supports its health.

If you are wondering how to give Good Doggie! to your pet, then we assure you that it is a child's play! You should mix the recommended content of a capsule with your dog's feed immediately before feeding the animal and that's it!

Find out if your dog will love them too!

Thousands of dog owners around the world are wondering how they can keep their pets healthy.

Fortunately, thanks to better and more accessible veterinary care, the information available on the Internet or the awareness of other owners and mutual exchange of experience and knowledge, the dogs are living happy lives.

Good Doggie! is one way to support your dog's health and help it stay in great condition for many years.

Good Doggie!

From childhood, I knew that I would become a veterinarian. I love animals the most in the world, and it is my life mission to help them and take care of their health. I am extremely pleased that the owners of their pets care more and more about them. They often visit me with their pupils, try to get the highest possible quality nutrition, but also willingly buy supplements for their dogs. In my opinion, this is a very big step forward. Supplementing dogs with micronutrients, macronutrients and vitamins that they are unable to provide with food is a very reasonable solution. Dogs just need them to be healthy, but also to look beautiful. As a doctor, I know that if every owner would take care of this issue, I would have much less sick patients. Unfortunately, some cases end tragically for dogs and their families. Therefore, prevention is definitely better than cure.

Margaret Kamińskaa veterinary surgeon


When I took Max from the dog shelter, he was in a deplorable condition. He had a lot of bald patches on his body, a lot of wounds ... I felt sorry for him ... But we all cared for him very much. The doctor told us to buy something for the joints and something for his fur so that it could grow back. I’ve chosen Good Doggie! Because it combines these two things. Today Max looks beautiful, he is a healthy and happy dog. We are still using Good Doggie! and this way we care about the health of our good doggie.

Kate, 43 years old - the owner of "Max", a 7-year-old mongrel

Bingo is a champion. He has won many competitions and I know he will win even more in the future. We have to do our best to make him feel and look the best he can. It is great fun for all of us - Bingo loves visiting the dog's SPA. The ladies who took care of him, as well as the judges, are always delighted about his coat. In fact, it looks fantastic. Our secret is Good Doggie.

Joanna, 27 years old - the owner of "Bingo", 4 years old Jack Russel Terrier

Drake is everyone's favourite. Seriously - there is no other dog like him. He is friendly, cheerful and loves people, including children! It is a dog that smiles at everyone. However - having such a large dog in the block of flats has its drawbacks, especially when it comes to climbing the stairs. This breed has genetically burdened joints, and the stairs put additional weight on them. That is why I make sure to help this joyful pile of muscles and I give Drake Good Doggie! This supplement improved the condition of my dog's skin and coat significantly. We should all take care of our dogs <3

Alex, 30 years old - the owner of "Drake", 12 years old American Staffordshire Terrier

Storm is a very intelligent, faithful and devoted dog. However, in her old age, she began to feel unwell. She shed fur and didn't have the strength as she used to. It turned out that her joints were slowly falling as well. Thanks to a good diagnosis, we started working on it. And now I feed her Good Doggie! every day. She really came back to life. Storm is now more joyful, it seems that earlier her joints simply hurt her. I wish I had bought this product earlier, maybe it would make her feel even better.

Claudius, 49 years old - the owner of "Storm", a 14-year-old Scottish Sheepdog (Collie)

Offer your dog Good Doggie! and see the difference in:

  • The appearance of your dog's coat and skin
  • Condition of joints
  • General well-being and health
  • More tail wagging :)
Discover Good Doggie!


Good Doggie! contains only safe and natural ingredients that do not cause any side effects. Our canine friends can eat Good Doggie! and enjoy good health and a beautiful, shiny coat.

Do you want to take care of your dog's health and give him some joy?
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1. Who should use Good Doggie!?

Good Doggie! capsules can be used by all dogs, regardless of age, breed or everyday activity.

2. What's in Good Doggie!?

Ingredients: glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, collagen hydrolyzate from bovine hides, dimethyl sulfone, hyaluronic acid, powdered cellulose, magnesium salts of fatty acids; additives: dietary additives: vitamin (ascorbic acid), manganese sulfate, copper chelate, biotin; technological additives: silica.

Active ingredients in 1 capsule (per 2 capsules): glucosamine 314 mg (628 mg), chondroitin sulfate 122.8 mg (245.6 mg), collagen hydrolyzate from bovine hides 136 mg (272 mg), dimethyl sulfone 125 mg (250 mg), hyaluronic acid 50 mg (100 mg), powdered cellulose 20.2 mg (40.4 mg), magnesium salts of fatty acids 20 mg (40 mg).

3. What is the recommended daily intake?

Recommended daily intake:

  • animals weighing up to 15 kg - 1 capsule per day,
  • animals weighing more than 15 kg - 2 capsules per day.
Mix the contents of the capsule with the feed immediately before feeding the animal. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Remember to provide your pet with fresh water.

NOTE: The capsule is not intended for animal consumption. The product is not sufficient to meet the daily nutrient requirements without being combined with a complete feed. The complementary feed cannot substitute an animal's varied diet.

4. How many capsules are in one bottle of Good Doggie!?

One bottle contains 60 capsules.

5. How to store the product?

Store the product in a tightly sealed container in a dry place at room temperature.

6. How long do I have to wait for my parcel?

The orders are processed in 24h after placing the order. Your parcel should arrive within 2-3 working days.

7. Can I pay cash on delivery for the product?

Of course, however, this payment option is available only in selected countries.

8. Is it possible to ship abroad?

Yes, we deliver our products worldwide.

  • healthy joints
  • beautiful skin and coat
  • safe payment methods
  • fast shipping
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